Voter turnout was at 49.3 per cent for the municipal election in Lachute. Mayor Carl Péloquin was re-elected with 38.55 per cent of the votes. Councillor Marcelle Louis-Seize came in second with 26.07 per cent and Daniel Mayer, long time Mayor of Lachute, came in third with 25.08 per cent of the votes. Councillor Mario Beaudin came in last in the mayoral race with 9.81 per cent of the votes.

The main reason why Mayor Carl Péloquin wanted to be reelected was to continue the economic development of Lachute, citing the new spa manufacturing facility which employs 27 people. He understands that online shopping has greatly affected small stores on Main Street. He mentions that his administration created more parking spots to continue the revitalization of Main Street in order to bring in more people.

“We worked hand-in-hand with stores to develop their online offer and make it an important part of their strategy,” says Péloquin.

He also wants to replace the two existing arenas, including the Brownsburg-Chatham arena, which has “run its course.” The new arena would be built between the Laurentian Regional High School and the Polyvalente Lavigne.

This new construction would enable school boards to create sports study program and fight high school dropout rates. He also wants to finish the library project in the old church.

“We have the wind in our sails and we must continue the work that we were doing,” said Péloquin.

Here are the Councillors who won their seats by district :

District 1
Mr. Patrick Cadieux (elected)
484 votes
51,00 %
Mr. Bernard Bigras-Denis
465 votes
49,00 %
District 2
Mr. Serge Lachance (elected)
430 votes
52,70 %
Ms. Ingrid Hooper
202 votes
24,75 %
Mr. William Jackson
184 votes
22,55 %
District 3

Mr. Denis Richer (elected)
410 votes
47,34 %
Mr. Jean-Pierre Hébert
 252 votes
29,10 %
Mr. François Leblanc
204 votes
23,56 %

District 4
Mr. Alain Lanoue (elected)
379 votes
47,26 %
Ms. Jacky Larocque
226 votes
28,18 %
Mr. André Braney
197 votes
24,56 %
District 5
Mr. Guy Desforges (Elected by acclamation)
Mr. Hugo Lajoie (elected)
604 votes
73,57 %
Ms. Anita Hébert
217 votes
26,43 %