With a voter turnout of 45.4 per cent, residents of Brownsburg-Chatham gave Catherine Trickey another four years. Trickey managed, out of six adversaries, to get 23.52 per cent of the vote. She was closely followed by outgoing Councillor Gilles Galarneau who won 21.99 per cent of the vote.

The municipal election in Brownsburg-Chatham had the most candidates in all of the Argenteuil municipalities with 26 candidates vying for a seat around the table.

“It has been one year as a mayor, I did great work and people seem to like me. I am conscientious and I put a lot of my time into this and I want to continue to serve the residents of Brownsburg-Chatham. I put in a lot of hours because I believe in a job well-done. I want to continue with what I started,” said Trickey in an interview before the elections.

Because Brownsburg-Chatham is a one-industry municipality, it is imperative for Trickey that the council and the mayor support Orica by repairing and maintaining the Montée de la Branche, a road connecting Brownsburg’s center and the Highway 50.

“We also have many lakes that we need to take care of because it’s those lakes and their quality that give lakeside homes their value.”

She wants to attract newcomers to the municipality so that more people can buy properties that are for sale now or build new homes.

Here is the list of all candidates and the results of the municipal election:

Mayor position
Ms. Catherine Trickey (elected)
614 votes
23,52 %
Mr. Gilles Galarneau
574 votes
21,99 %
Mr. Pierre Leclerc
445 votes
17,05 %
Mr. Martin Charron (Outgoing from another position)
415 votes
15,90 %
Mr. Daniel Massie
359 votes
13,75 %
Mr. Gilles Leduc
203 votes
7,78 %
District (1)
Ms. Kathleen Wilson (elected)
113 votes
41,09 %
Ms. Danielle Duval
74 votes
26,91 %
Mr. Denis Dupuis
58 votes
21,09 %
Mr. Yvan Caron
27 votes
9,82 %
Mr. Durval Da Ponte
3 votes
1,09 %
District (2)
Mr. André Junior Florestal (elected)
219 votes
45,91 %
Mr. Kevin Bush
141 votes
29,56 %
Mr. Richard Vincent
74 votes
15,51 %
Mr. Michel Guilbault
43 votes
9,01 %
District (3)
Ms. Sylvie Décosse (elected)
225 votes
46,88 %
Mr. Louis Quevillon
183 votes
38,13 %
Mr. Alain Chevalier
72 votes
15,00 %
District (4)
Mr. Kevin Maurice (elected)
61,94 %
Mr. Michel Brisson
20,50 %
Mr. Daniel Cadotte
17,57 %
District (5)
Mr. Antoine Laurin (elected)
248 votes
52,10 %
Mr. Richard Forsythe
125 votes
26,26 %
Mr. Bernard Péloquin
103 votes
21,64 %
District (6)
Mr. Stephen Rowland (elected)
277 votes
65,02 %
Mr. André McNicoll
149 votes
34,98 %