The Editor,
Perhaps I should be calling it, “Grenville Dans La Rouge” after what this present council has done to our municipality over the past few years. They have used lawsuits 107 times in the past four years (at a cost of over $1.5 million) and most of this was to sue us, the taxpayers. They have tried to create an issue between the French and English residents by not showing any respect for bilingualism and there never was any problems with that before this group got in four years ago. They try to hide the issue when there are votes where we could not have a chance to stop them from borrowing more money like they did a couple of weeks ago to replace some roads that were not in nearly as bad a shape as most other roads. They bring in unenforceable laws about tree-cutting and hens and rooster noises that only dreamers could make up. They really showed how much respect they had for ratepayers when the mayor took a big increase in wages as soon as he was elected and the councillors also were at the trough with the mayor when this happened. I could go on but I think you get the point if you are a taxpayer in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge.

Four of these present councillors are running again for seats and their leader is an (ex) mayor.
There is a totally new group running and they are all local folks. They have agreed to cut their salaries back to 2013 levels and that, to me, is an important signal from them. This group, if elected, will have a terrible mess to clean up.

On November 5, help to drain the swamp at the bottom of the mountain by getting out to vote.

Joe Kelly