Fighting Global Warming

By John Pratt

Great forests to our country belong,

But something serious has come along.

Clearing them for other use has long been here.

However, this has gone too far, I fear.

All over the world deforestation goes on.

Many forests, the lungs of our planet are gone

Also, a thin film of oil and plastic island grow on the sea

Thus, the breathing phytoplankton are in danger, you see.

Noxious gases pumped into the atmosphere,

From cars and industry, increase here.

They threaten our health by the air we breathe.

Warming causes ocean waters to seethe.

Great storms from the sea and droughts on land

Cause suffering that is hard to stand!

Yet lack of fresh water and food is worse!

Hungry people feel unrest, so war can be another curse

Civilizations have failed when such things came along.

It’s better to take action now to prevent, even slow what is wrong.

William Spekkens