***In last week’s edition of The Review, we presented a list of all candidates running for municipal office of multiple municipalities, including Harrington. The list was taken from the Directeur Général des Élections du Québec and has since been updated. The original list did not include Daniel Molloy, who is running for seat #2 in Harrington. We have now updated our list in the online article. We apologize for the inconvenience.***

The closing date for submitting a candidature for Quebec municipal elections was on October 6 at 4 h 30 p.m. Citizens will be able to vote by anticipation on October 29 and the official voting day is on November 5. Here are the lists of candidates for the following municipalities: Gore, Wentworth, Wentworth-Nord, Harrington, Brownsburg-Chatam, Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, Grenville (village) and Lachute.


Mayoral candidates
Georges Lapointe
Scott Pearce (Incumbent) (Scott Pearce Team)

Councillor candidate
Michael Manconi


Mayoral candidate
Jason Morrison (By acclamation)

Councillor candidates
Jean-Guy Dubé (Incumbent)
Bill Gauley
Jean Lipari
David Smith
Lorraine Lyng-Fraser (Incumbent)
Maurice Pilon
Jay Brothers
Debbi Wight-Anderson


Mayoral candidate
François Ghali
Fernand Jenson
Diane Théorêt (currently in another position)

Councillor candidates for Louise-Farmer District
Jean-Luc Groulx
André Lajeunesse

Councillor candidates for Rivière-Ouest-Lac-Farmer District
André Cliche
Serge Pilotte

Councillor candidates for Laurentien Acres-Les Acres District
Céline McSween
Yvon Paradis (Incumbent)

Councillor candidate for Des Lacs Noirs-Hôtel-de-Ville District
Suzanne Young Paradis

Councillor candidates for Saint-François District
Mélanie Côté
David Zgodzinski

Councillor candidate for Notre-Dame District
Eric Johnston


Mayoral candidates
Jacques Parent (Incumbent)
Sonia Sinclair

Councillor candidates
Chantal Scapino
Peter Burkhardt
Sarah Lacasse Dwyer
Gabrielle Parr
Richard Francoeur
Gerald Clark
Daniel Molloy


Mayoral candidate
Martin Charron (currently in another position)
Gilles Galarneau (currently in another position)
Pierre Leclerc
Gilles Leduc
Daniel Massie
Catherine Trickey (Incumbent)

Councillor candidates District 1
Yvan Caron
Durval Da Ponte
Denis Dupuis
Kathleen Wilson

Councillor candidates District 2
Kevin Bush (Incumbent)
André Junior Florestal
Michel Guilbault

Councillor candidates District 3
Alain Chevalier
Sylvie Décosse
Louis Quevillon (Incumbent)

Councillor candidates District 4
Michel Brisson
Daniel Cadotte
Kevin Maurice

Councillor candidates District 5
Richard Forsythe
Antoine Laurin
Bernard Péloquin

Councillor candidates District 6
André McNicoll
Stephen Rowland


Mayoral candidates
Tom Arnold
Shelley Victoria Silcock
Michel Brosseau (Leadership & Progress Option Team)

Councillor candidates
Terry Besson
Robert D’Auzac (Leadership & Progress Option Team)
Manon Jutras
Michel Lafrance (Leadership & Progress Option Team)
Carl Woodbury
Richard Prévost (Leadership & Progress Option Team)
Claude Cadieux (Incumbent)
Denis Fillion
Daniel Gauthier (Leadership & Progress Option Team)
Sébastien Gros (Incumbent)
Daniel Gauthier (Incumbent)
Marc André Le Gris


Mayoral candidate
Luc Grondin

Councillor candidates
André Lemay (Incumbent)
André Woodbury (Incumbent)
Louis André Desjardins (Incumbent)
Jocelyne Louis-Seize (Incumbent)
Bernard Desforges (Incumbent)
Roger Lalonde
Pierre Thauvette (Incumbent)


Mayoral candidates
Mario Beaudin (currently in another position)
Marcelle Lafleur Louis-Seize (currently in another position)
Daniel Mayer (former mayor)
Carl Péloquin (Incumbent)

Councillor candidates District 1
Bernard Bigras-Denis
Patrick Cadieux

Councillor candidates District 2
Ingrid Hooper
William Jackson
Serge Lachance

Councillor candidates District 3
Jean-Pierre Hébert
François Leblanc
Denis Richer (Incumbent)

Councillor candidates District 4
André Braney
Alain Lanoue (Incumbent)
Jacky Larocque

Councillor candidates District 5
Guy Desforges (Incumbent)

Councillor candidates District 6
Anita Hébert
Hugo Lajoie (Incumbent)