Violent gusts of wind and rain brought down a 125 foot articulated boom, which fell onto another articulated boom at Lou-Tech Hawkesbury on Spence Avenue. The damages are currently estimated at $500 000.

“It wasn’t just the wind that brought it down, the sudden heavy pours was what brought the nacelle down. We verified the nacelle the morning of the incident and it was in perfect condition. Now it’s a total loss and we are trying to salvage the other nacelle,” said Marc Champagne of Lou-Tech.

The nacelle’s mast was extended at the time of the incident, but Lou-Tech has a policy of bringing the masts down when bad weather is forecast. The quick change in weather caught the staff off-guard and they decided that the safety of their employees were more important than equipment.

“People need to know that these nacelles are extremely stable and usually when we know that a major storm is about to pass, we bring the mast down. We got caught by the sudden change in the weather and we didn’t want to send anybody out there because human lives are more important than machinery. The nacelles are made to withstand winds, but it was the weight of the water from the extreme downpour that toppled it. It only took one minute of extreme violent weather to topple it,” concluded Champagne.

No one was injured during the incident.