The Quebec provincial government is offering a $953,037 financial assistance to the Harrington municipality to repair Rivière-Rouge and rebuild Lost River roads.

On September 1, National Assembly Member for Argenteuil, Yves St-Denis, announced that the provincial government will be funding 75% of the $1.2 million dollar project. The municipality will be paying the remaining $317,679.

The Mayor of  Harrington Township, Jacques Parent,  confirms that the funds are much needed since most of their inter-municipal roads are in disrepair.

The majority of the funds will be used to rebuild all of Lost River road which links the Lost River village to other municipalities in the east. The structure, drainage and paving needs to be completely rebuild over a distance of 3.5 km. Paving work will also be done on Harrington and Rivière-Rouge road. Work is set to start in September 2017.