Assessment reports from May 2017 flood damage at the L’Orignal Marina are finally in and repairs are now underway, according to Lisa Burroughs, Champlain Township’s director of parks and recreation.
Burroughs had been questioned at Champlain Township’s June 13 regular meeting at which Champlain Township Mayor Gary Barton had encouraged Burroughs to “grease the wheels”. Councillors had asked when the marina would be open and Burroughs had said that several reports to assess damages were due the following day.
Burroughs says that boats will definitely be able to dock at the L’Orignal Marina later this season.
According to a June 23 update, Burroughs says that due to erosion and wash-out from the flood, sinkholes on the approach causeway and repairs to a guardrail are required. Chain and anchor connections and plastic floating barretls required work.
Three breakwater sections will require tire placement and all chains will be replaced.

The fence enclosure for the fuel storage area must be repaired. A pressure test will be done on the fuel line and TSSA certification will be obtained. The damaged fuel equipment will be removed and the fuel line connection will be repaired. Three new fuel tanks and a pump will be installed.

Minor repairs are need for the marina’s electricity needs; breakers are being replaced and there are some wire connections being repaired, all of which will be followed by a Hydro inspection.
Assessment of sewage lines has yet to be determined. If repairs are significant, portable toilets will be rented so that this work will not interfere with the re-opening of the marina.

The approach causeway and the boat launch are the property of the federal department of Fisheries and Oceans, which leases these items to Champlain Township.
Burroughs says that although the L’Orignal Marina is in a sheltered, bay area, she suspects that a strong undercurrent combined with the excessive outflow of water to cause damage.
The repairs are not covered by the township’s insurance policy, which covers damage of contents and not incidents like this, Burroughs said.

Champlain Township has spent more than $50, 000 in flood-related expenses to date. This includes sandbags, salaries, repairs at the beach in L’Orignal (16 dumpsters of sand) and marina work. The $50,000 does not include any loss of revenue, a figure which will be known only when the township completes a general flood assessment.
Funding is available through the Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance Program (MDRAP), however to be eligible a municipality must have spent  three per cent of its levy, which in the case of Champlain Township, represents more $175, 000. At this point, it does not look likely that Champlain Township will spend more than that amount.

Burroughs added that over and above the floodwater damage, the boat ramp is in need of repair, but says that she will be seeing if there are funds available for any of the work from Fisheries and Oceans.
“But I know we lease the boat launch and approach causeway in an ‘as is’ condition and that maintenance is up to us (the township), for the most part,”  Burroughs explained.