Vankleek Hill’s cenotaph may be about to move. Champlain Township has been approved for $22,275 as part of the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program to relocate the cenotaph and paving stones about 400 metres from its current location; the project includes landscaping. The township would have to contribute $25,775 for its share of the cost.
Projects costs and financing have been estimated as follows: $2,500 for planning, design and engineering, $39,500 for repair/construction, $2,000 for project management and a $4,050 contingency fund is included in the total project, valued at $48,050.
Before the new Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute was built, it was easier to gain access to the cenotaph, which was located in front of the old school, close by the paved walkway leading to the school’s front door. But since the completion of the new school with its new landscaping, the cenotaph is somewhat isolated and has deep ditches on two sides of it.
Several locations in Vankleek Hill are being considered for the cenotaph.