Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute (VCI) held its annual awards ceremony this past Thursday, June 9, recognizing students for their dedication and achievement as participants in school sports and extra-curricular activities.

Kristen Martin received a special award in honour of the late Garett Allen. The award is presented to the senior athlete who best demonstrates the courage, loyalty, teamwork, dedication, and, especially, sense of humour that Allen exemplified.

Here’s the full list of award winners:

Most Valuable Player (MVP) and
Most Dedicated Player (MDP) Awards

Boys Soccer

MVP: Austin Laloux
MDP: Christos Santosuosso

Girls Soccer

MVP: Madeleine Leduc
MDP: Kyla Baranowski

Boys Hockey

MVP: Michael Leduc
MDP: Sebastien Chenier

JR Boys Basketball

MVP: Jeremie Marsolais
MDP: David Krawczyk

SR Boys Basketball

MVP: Yan Schnell
MDP: Chase McRae

JR Girls Basketball

MVP: Marie-Pier Caron
MDP: Victoria Saunders

Boys Volleyball

MVP: Michael Krawczyk
MDP: Braeden Reeves

JR Girls Volleyball

MVP: Marie-Pier Caron
MDP: Amelie Dicaire

SR Girls Volleyball

MVP: Emma Caron
MDP: Ashley Bennet

Boys Football

Heart and Soul: James Miller
Most Improved: Zachary “Moose” Pion


MVP: Cole MacWhirter
MDP: Derek Leclerc

Girls Curling

Team Members: Natasha Fortin, Kyla Baranowski, Kaitlin Allen, Cassandra Allen, Meghan Courtemanche

Reach for the Top

MVP: Nafim Talukder
MDP: Isabelle Dufour

Book Club

MVP: Esma Gardner-Jones
MDP: Grace Peters

Interact Club

Members: Isabelle Dufour, Jessica Rahman, Noor Adnan

Plaques for Top Achievement

Most Promising Male Athlete

Nominees: Tyler Allard, Connor Allard-Remenda, Ryan Leclerc
Winner: Tyler Allard

Most Promising Female Athlete

Nominees: Rebecca Cummings, Amelie Dicaire, Heather Saunders
Winner: Rebecca Cummings

Top Male Academic Athlete

Nominees: Derek Leclerc, James Miller, Shadid Talukder
Winner: Shadid Talukder

Top Female Academic Athlete

Nominees: Madeleine Leduc, Taylor Simard
Winner: Taylor Simard

Top Male Athlete

Nominees: Austin Laloux, Michael Leduc, Taylor Poirier
Winner: Austin Laloux

Top Female Athlete

Nominees: Meghan Courtemanche, Madeleine Leduc, Kaylin Sauve
Winner: Madeleine Leduc

Garett Allen Award

Winner: Kristen Martin

Other groups recognized with certificates:


Leadership Council

Math Medal