Glengarry Agricultural Hall of Fame: Glengarry Dairy Princesses

The Glengarry Dairy Princesses will be inducted into the Glengarry Agricultural Hall of Fame on April 29, 2017.

In 1957, the Toronto Telegram, the Ontario Milk Producers’ Coordinating Board, the Ontario Department of Agriculture and the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) decided to host a milking competition at the CNE, with the objective of publicizing and promoting the dairy industry.

Approximately 40 dairy princesses, one from each county or district in the province, were divided into groups of five, competing nightly during the week-long competition at the CNE. First, the girls were interviewed by the judges. Later, in the coliseum, they presented a speech, and then proceeded to milk one of the cows representing the five dairy breeds. Nightly winners competed in semi-final rounds, until the Ontario Dairy Princess was chosen.

The last public competition took place in 1992, when the role transitioned into that of a county-appointed dairy educator. Each Glengarry Dairy Princess competed in a county level competition prior to the provincial competition in Toronto. During her year’s reign, she attended meetings, agricultural events, visited schools, and participated in promotional activities emphasizing the value of milk and milk products.

The Glengarry Dairy Princesses were:

1957 – Clara MacLeod (Mrs. R.D.)
1958 – Aggie MacDonald Petrie
1959 – Sheila Kennedy McDonell
1960 & 61 – Jean MacRae Brett
1962 – Dona Fraser Addison
1963 – Colleen McRae Shepherd
1964 – Elaine Christie Shields
1965 & 66 – Isabel Blair Kinnear
1967 – Elma MacLeod Godden
1968 – Shirley Grant Ritchie
1969 & 70 – Nancy Vallance Mann
1971 & 72 – Heather Vallance Mode
1973 – Phyllis MacMaster
1974-75 – Janet Vallance MacCrimmon
1975-76 – Brenda MacRae Cavanaugh
1976-77 – Florence McCrimmon Boyd
1977-78 – Elizabeth McRae
1978-79 Greer MacDonald Thornbury
1979-80 – Mary MacCrimmon Leduc
1980-81 – Heather MacRae
1981-82 – Julie Lapierre
1982-83 – Shannon Kennedy Mcdougald
1983-84 – Karen Kennedy Moran
1984-85 – Jill Pemberton
1985-86 – Allison Arkinstall Shannon
1986-87 – Colleen Kennedy Poirier
1987-88 – Denise Dorie Willis
1988-89 – Heather Pasco Hughes
1989-90 – Ursula Vogel Flipsen
1990-91 – Christie Howes Thomson
1991-92 – Angela Vogel Fawcett
1992 – Megan Robertson

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