Spring brings visions of flowers and gardens and maybe a tiny fairy or two, dancing in sunbeams. Arbor Gallery Speaker Series 2017 highlights the delights of creative gardening on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.

Chantal Leclerc and Nancy Furtado combine their love of plants and horticulture with fertile imaginations to explore the concept of creating Fairy Gardens, as part of the series “Interactive Talks with Interesting People.”

“We want to encourage everyone to participate, including children.” says Leclerc. “We want to have fun with plants.”
Leclerc and Furtado are professional gardeners who are keen to share their horticultural expertise, while creating tiny scenes of beauty and peaceful harmony with nature.

“What a wonderful way to say goodbye to winter,” says Speaker Series organizer, Samme Putzel. “We will usher in spring and get our green thumbs working, preparing for this year’s gardening season.”

On Friday night, March 24, at 7:30 p.m., the Arbor Gallery Speaker Series features a presentation in French on Multiple Sclerosis. Johanne Ménard presents the topic, entitled “Sclérose en Plaque: Comment survivre à l’annonce d’une maladie dégénérative tant sur le plan physique qu’émotionnel.”

Admission for the Speaker Series is $10 and includes refreshments provided by Golden Hill Juices, a new business on Main Street in Vankleek Hill, On. Arbor Gallery is situated at 36 Home Avenue, Vankleek Hill. For more information about the Speaker Series events, please call: 613-678-2873.