The United Counties of Prescott and Russell will apply for $250,000 of provincial funding for the cost of planning and designing a new Prescott Russell Residence.

The long-term care home must be rebuilt by 2025 in order to comply with new provincial standards. According to the United Counties website, the residence has been at its current location on Cartier Boulevard in Hawkesbury since 1977.

At a Committee of the Whole Meeting on March 8, counties CAO Stephane Parisien said the counties can probably expect funding for between 60 and 80 per cent of the cost of a new residence.

The location of the new residence has not yet been determined, but Parisien said ministry officials say a location near hospital would be better. “If you rebuild it where it is, the process is very easy. If you try to build it elsewhere, it becomes more complicated,” he said. “Proximity to a hospital is important for the ministry.”

Funding for beds will be awarded for parcels of 32 beds, so the counties can increase or decrease its current 146 beds. The counties can’t split up the residence beds between municipalities, he said.