I remember the days before electricity came into our homes – before refrigerators, television, night-to-day lighting, fans, heaters, etc. Perhaps that’s why I so appreciate the energy that others seem to take for granted and complain bitterly about paying for.

In Eastern Ontario the loss of hydro in ‘98 was due to the ice debilitating worn-out infrastructure which had not been adequately maintained because governments, worried about taxpayer backlash, had put upkeep on the backburner. Let it go. Let the next government deal with it.

So now we hear cries of, “Get rid of Wynne” as if another government could supply us with power more cheaply.
Help for those struggling with any aspect of daily living needs to be a priority. How’s the support for increasing the minimum wage?

Knowing that our power infrastructure is relatively new has given me a lot of confidence during the recent ice storms. But there are parts of Ontario where this does not apply and replacements and maintenance are costly. Who is supposed to pay for it? And who is to keep future ice storms at bay?

Roberta Histed
L’Orignal ON