To the editor:

To review: public meetings were held concerning zoning amendments which would permit the building of a cement plant in Champlain Township. The public expressed its overwhelming opposition to the plan and Champlain council voted in accordance with those wishes.
Unbelievably, on the day following this vote, the United Counties council gave the middle finger to the citizens of Champlain, Hawkesbury and East Hawkesbury and voted in favour of the re-zoning; thus allowing Colacem to build its plant.
That an international business would place its profits above our health is a given, but that our neighbouring municipalities have shown this same disregard for our well-being is beyond appalling.
What they have done may be legal but it is most profoundly wrong; they need to be told this in no uncertain terms.
Write: United Counties of Prescott-Russell, 59 Court Street, P.O.Box 304, L’Orignal, Ontario   K0B 1K0. Emails may be addressed to the clerk at: [email protected].

Ian Hepburn
Vankleek Hill