Ladies Learning Code — a national not-for-profit offering beginner-friendly tech education — is proud to announce the third-annual National Girls Learning Code Day which was held on November 12. 650+ girls ages 8-13 and their parent or guardian attended simultaneous in-person workshops in 26 cities across the country plus hundreds more will have the ability to participate online from anywhere in the world via an online workshop.

This year Cornwall participated with an in-person workshop held at Code Heroes (44 Pitt street, downtown Cornwall). On that day, hundreds of Canadians girls and their parents came together to challenge themselves to learn a new skill: game-making. Together with their parents, the girls:

● Discovered a passion for learning about technology
● Experienced the satisfaction that comes from being a builder of technology
● Built & developed a fun, interactive game to share with their friends and family
● Built confidence and developed a willingness to try new things
What will participants learn?

Using Scratch, a beginner level programming environment that encourages mathematical and computational skills, imagination came to life throughout the day in a new and digitally engaging form. Girls also had the opportunity to upload their game for anyone on the web to download and play.

Photo opportunity: At the end of the workshop, each girl also got a chance to practice their presentation skills and showcased their creation for everyone attending the workshop.

Why is digital literacy important for Canadian girls?

The issue of digital literacy has never been more processing. As conversations about the impending skilled labour shortage and the need to include coding in the curriculum make national headlines, events like National Girls Learning Code day are more relevant than ever.

This event we will help girls discover a passion for learning about technology, experience the satisfaction that comes from being a builder of the web and become more confident and develop a willingness to try new things.

Interested in learning more about our approach to girls’ coding education? Find a workshop in a city near you by visiting our website at

About Ladies Learning Code

Ladies Learning Code is a Canada-wide not-for-profit organization that runs workshops for women and youth who want to learn beginner-friendly computer programming and other technical skills in a social and collaborative way. Today they have 26 chapters (and counting) across Canada, a thriving girls’ program called Girls Learning Code and co-ed kids program called Kids Learning Code With sponsors and community partners that include TELUS, Microsoft, Facebook, Scotiabank, Google and many more. Ladies Learning Code has become synonymous with technology education in Canada.

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