Champlain Township has approved a streetlight conversion project to switch from incandescent to LED streetlights. The conversion is expected to generate a 69 per cent energy savings.

Champlain Township streetlight conversion expected to cut energy costs by 70 per cent

During a special meeting of council on August 24, Champlain Township approved an LED streetlight retrofit program, which has been under discussion for the past two years.

Champlain Township General Manager Paula Knudsen says it will cost approximately $473,000 for the township to switch from incandescent lights to LED light bulbs. This cost will be defrayed by a grant of close to $77,000, which was awarded by the Independent System Operator’s (IESO) save ONenergy program.

“With energy and maintenance savings, the project will be paid back within four years. It’s incredible,” said Knudsen.

The project is being overseen by Champlain Township Public Works Director James McMahon. He said that he is hoping to begin the retrofit in September and have it completed by winter.

Last year, Champlain Township paid close to $20,000 in maintenance costs for its 758 streetlights. McMahon said that costs were predominantly associated with changing light bulbs and fuses. An additional $142,576 was spent on electrical costs to power the lights.

“We estimate 69 per cent in energy savings alone. Our operating costs are obviously going to be lowered,” said McMahon.

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