To the Editor,

I know a lady contractor, and the last time we talked, she said my letters were kind of dark and that they should be filled with love and positivity. The only problem with that is if I did write it, it would be pure fiction and that ‘aint me.

I hear a lot of people are mad at our government about medical, housing, and inflation, but join the club. Here in Canada we don’t have a monopoly on the problems, they’re worldwide and in total freefall.

This time in history seems to be the greatest of human migration brought about by war, religion, drought, flooding, and fires. We are at a crucial time in our existence and what kind of existence awaits us.

Our very mindset and thoughts are being constantly manipulated with fake news and propaganda being spoon fed to the masses who seem to savour every drop, questioning nothing at all. Now that there are more cell phones in the world than people. We’re talking total control; Blindness to the truth, preferring to trust toxic lies brought about by someone you don’t know and never will, bonding with soulless machines.

I recently saw on T.V. a woman from the Philippines, Maria Ressa, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who brought amazing numbers. Our democracy world wide is at the edge of a cliff and considering there will be 90 elections worldwide in 2024, we will either lose our democracy as it falls off the cliff or it will die a slow death of a thousand cuts, either way we are in dire trouble.

I heard a rumour of another convoy. I have an idea for you convoy lovers, rather than costing another $37 million and trying to destroy our country from the outside in, kill it from the inside out and put your money where your mouth is. Start your political party, the C.C.P.P. Canadian Convoy Political Party. There are 40 million people in this amazing country. Maybe you’ll get 39 million votes or maybe 390, either way let’s put an end to this. You want Tamara Lich as your Prime Minister? Well, you go for it, you believe there’s nothing to running a country. The bottom line is no matter what party runs the country they won’t be able to repair our healthcare system that was brought to its knees by a group of people in two years of pandemic. Your caste housing will never be achieved because there’s no money in it, and due to climate change our ability to grow the food we need will become more and more difficult, and we have only ourselves to blame.

As for love and positivity, I love my family and some relations and truly love this planet. I relish every breath of air, the clean water and the land I walk and live on, and try to share with the trees, the wildlife, and the spirits of this world. As for positivity, I’m positive we here in Vankleek Hill are some of the luckiest people having The Review, a local paper of truth, honesty and scruples that continues to keep us informed of local events and local politics. To the people of The Review, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Andy Perrault,

Vankleek Hill