Crisp fresh air, beautiful snow covered trees, and the smell of snowmobile fumes filled my senses on a much-needed get away to Mont-Laurier a few weeks ago. Most people fly to warmer weather for a holiday during the winter, but for me, our three day getaway was a perfect change of scenery. A trip I’ve been wanting to go on for a long time.

Snowmobiling through the Laurentians, up hills, around corners and through endless amounts of bush, is a completely different experience from the flat fields around here. It is easy to lose yourself in the beauty surrounding you and you feel disconnected from the hustle and bustle of society for a little while.

Winter is a season most people dread. I’ll admit, having to deal with the stress of plowing through snowdrifts at 4:30 in the morning to get to the farm is not all that fun, but lucky for me, I only have a few kilometers to drive to get to work. But if you are able to put thoughts of the stressors aside for a few moments and simply pause to appreciate the wonder and magic of the snow, an inner calm may come over you. Especially on days or nights when there is no wind, and the snow falls quietly from the sky, in large, fluffy flakes.

Stop, look up and let the cold wet flakes kiss your cheeks. It’s like the skies are crying happy tears for us. The calm and quiet of the falling snow is as mesmerizing as the flames of a fire. It’s a way to tune out reality and simply be present with yourself and the fluff from the sky. When the skies clear and the sun shines, the new blanket of snow glitters for as far as the eye can see. A beautiful magic we only see in the winter.

Vast sparkling diamonds shimmer over the land. Do not wait until tomorrow to experience the wonders Mother Nature gives us. Tomorrow is never promised and there certainly is no guarantee the weather will be as nice as it may be today.

Do not wait until tomorrow to book that snowmobiling getaway, or trip down south you’ve always dreamed of. Do not wait until tomorrow to go tubing, skating or skiing with your family. Seize the day and go when the weather is at it’s best. As farmers, we especially find it hard to justify taking time for ourselves. We don’t get designated holidays and vacation pay.

Farming is a 24/7, 365 days a year responsibility. Convincing a farmer to trust their livelihood in someone else’s hand, whether it be for a day or a week, so they can take a break, is never easy. I was hesitant to go on our snowmobile trip because I had already missed more work in a few weeks than I had in 2 years. But I was told that that time off didn’t count, I needed to take time to do something enjoyable for myself. I am definitely glad I did. Time well spent with loved ones will never be regretted. I came home refreshed with a heart full of the beauty of nature and good company.

Do not wait until tomorrow to check a trip, activity or project off your bucket lists. Even if it’s simply staying home and cuddling up with that book you’ve been wanting to read for months, or going out to eat with friends; tomorrow is never promised. Live each day to its fullest and do the things that make you smile and bring a calm peace to your busy mind and heart.