This Week in Local History – March 1, 2023 – The Review Archives

10 Years ago

Anarchy reigns in Hawkesbury

The Review, March 6, 2013 – HAWKESBURY – Anarchy reigned in Hawkesbury last weekend, as Ryan Hurst, who is well-known for playing Opie Winston on the hit television series ‘Sons of Anarchy’, descended on the town for a series of meet-and-greet events that took place at Goulet Motosports. Hurst was all smiles as he met with fans, posed for pictures and signed a variety of items ranging from motorcycle helmets to clothing.

25 Years Ago

Alexandria landfill settlement reached

The Review, March 4, 1998 – ALEXANDRIA – A long-running legal fight over a municipal waste landfill site in North Glengarry has been settled. Lochiel Township resident Carmen Viau took legal action, arguing that an Alexandria dump next door to her property had contravened provincial environmental laws. An agreement between Viau and representatives of the new North Glengarry Township ends the legal battle over Alexandria’s municipal landfill in Lochiel, but does not absolve the new municipality of responsibilities to clean up the site.

50 Years Ago

Running costs of ’75 cars will soar

The Review, March 7, 1973 – ONTARIO – The 1975 cars will be much more expensive to run, giving half the mileage on a gallon of gas as they do now, A.T. McNab, provincial deputy minister of transportation predicted last week. He told the Ontario Good Roads Association that eight-cylinder cars will get about seven miles to the gallon because of mandatory anti-pollution devices. The government hopes increased driving costs will persuade more city drivers to use public transit. Decreased use of cars will help solve the world’s energy crisis, since experts have predicted oil supplies will be exhausted within 10 to 30 years at the present rate of consumption.

75 Years Ago

Worst blizzard in 30 years

The Review, March 4, 1948 – MILESTONE – The worst blizzard in the last 30 years was the way several described the doubleheader blizzard of last Wednesday. Several residents were lost but found their way home, while others stayed overnight with friends. Charlie Green, who lives on Main Street, lost his bearings on the way home from work at about 6 p.m. and wandered for an hour in the storm. He suffered some frostbite and at one time the storm had carried him as far east as the cemetery. Visibility was four to six feet.

100 Years Ago

Radio comes to L’Orignal

The Review, March 2, 1923 – L’ORIGNAL – Mr. A Lunignan, of the Nation and Lumber Co., has had a Radio station placed at his residence on the Hawkesbury road, he being the latest subscriber to this new wireless transmitter. Mr. Lunignan is connected with a large number of stations all over the States and can now enjoy daily concerts from all over the world.

125 Years Ago

Wealth of the Yukon fills public eye

The Review, March 4, 1898 – OTTAWA – Nothing but gold and the land of gold is talked about at Ottawa just now. Here is a section of the Dominion, far up within the Arctic Circle, of which a year ago most of knew as little as we do today of Patagonia. Today, the Yukon occupies the attention of Parliament, the country, and indeed of the whole North American continent to the exclusion of almost everything else.