To the Editor:

Recently I agreed to look after a friend’s dog and cat over a 17-day period. It involved moving into her lovely home, because the dog is getting up there and needs 24-hour attention.

The best idea was to order Meals on Wheels. Volunteers (most of them are well-known in the community) deliver twice weekly out of the goodness of their hearts. Two meals on Monday and two meals on Wednesday. You never know what smiling face will appear on the other side of the door.

Those deliveries take care of four meals a week. Every meal has a substantial soup, a dinner with protein, a vegetable and a carb or two and a dessert. The dessert felt a little sparse, on purpose, who needs too much sugar.

My body liked the meals (use your imagination on that one). For $9 a meal, it’s a good deal. Not everyone has a partner to discuss “What would we like for dinner tonight?”.

Another huge benefit  – someone comes to your door twice a week and checks in on you. The volunteer is happy to be there and you’re pleased to see that smiling face.

Thank you Meals on Wheels. You made my animal-sitting so much better. No additional concerns about meal planning, shopping or using an unfamiliar kitchen.

Like they say in the recent TV ads for even more expensive meal deliveries – the delivery folks are good old souls. I bet they would even put your meals in the refrigerator for you. You only have to heat it up.

Hannah Hamsa

Vankleek Hill