The mood was festive at the Arbor Gallery on Sunday, September 25, as the Voix de la Neufve France choir presented traditional songs to an enthusiastic audience of several dozen people, for French Canadian Day in Vankleek Hill.

The day began at the Saint-Grégoire-de-Nazianze church with a mass in honor of French-Canadian families, and the installation of Bishop Léo Villeneuve as parish priest.

“Joy was in the air, and many citizens must have been quite surprised to see a group of women straight out of the 17th century walking down the street,” said Sylvie Bouchard, president of the gallery.

The day’s program also included a conference by presentation by Annette Ouimet Assad, Ontario Coordinator for the Société d’histoire des Filles du Roy, and the third part of the show at the main SHFR exhibition at the Ferme Ouimet – on display every Sunday until October 16.

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