As I watch all the seeds sowed this spring, grow right before my eyes, I can’t help but ponder the more philosophical meanings behind what has become a commonly used expression.

“Sowing seeds” is a phrase which can be used in various contexts and certainly has many different meanings. There’s of course the literal meaning, where we sow or plant our seeds in our gardens and fields, but the phrase can also be looked at more deeply. We may have heard the expression be used to describe more negative instances such as “You reap what you sow” or “They’ve been sowing their seeds for their destruction since the beginning of time”. I however, prefer to look at its meaning in a more positive light.

As I watch my not-so-little farmer grow and change every day, I can’t help but admire the beautiful seed we have sown. Like the crops in our fields, or the vegetables in our garden, he grows and develops every day. Children are the most important seeds we can sow in life, whether you are their parent or not. Every interaction they make with the people and environment around them nurtures their development and growth. Like plants, they rely on us for the nutrients and water they need to grow. They cannot however, be replanted should they not
be cared for properly. They are each a unique seed, which we can only sow once. Each and every one of us is a truly remarkable part of our world and we all respond to the environment around us.

Gloomy, rainy days are beneficial for crops and gardens for short bits of time, divided across their growth period, but every day would cause them to be overwatered and likely drown. Plants need warmth and sunlight as well as water to grow tall and strong. We see this need in our
own environment as well. A positive and stimulating environment is far more beneficial for anyone, compared to a negative, lonely one. That applies to our children, family, friendships and even our home and work environments. No one is perfect, but it is possible to avoid the negative “reaping what we sow” by finding ways to fertilize what we have sown, with proper nurturing, warmth, and just the right number of rainy days.

The stronger the plant, the better the yield and the happier the farmer or gardener. Every day our little ones come out with new words and expressions. They grow like weeds and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. We simply must ensure that everything they absorb through
their sponge-like pores is positive and informative. The more fertilizer they are given, the stronger they will be. Wonder and love will fill every family member, friend, neighbour and even a stranger’s heart, as they watch the little seeds around them grow! They change so quickly…

There is no greater feeling of pride than what comes from watching something you created develop and grow in the most beautiful and healthiest way possible. Whether it be human, animal, or plant.