Higher than expected prices have led Hawkesbury council to hold off on replacing the roof of the municipality’s town hall. 

In August 2021, a consultant’s report indicated the roof replacement would cost $300,000, so council allocated that amount for the project in the 2022 budget. However, the price tags from each contractor who submitted a proposal are much higher.

Simuluc Contractors price was $421,535.20, the proposal from Atlas-Apex Roofing was for $479,673.70, and Morin Insulation and Roofing’s price was $549,948.40. The lowest price, was still 59 per cent more than the amount the town had budgeted for the project.

Council approved putting the town hall roof replacement on pause, due to the increased cost. Council also approved proceeding with a building condition assessment for the entire town hall building, and the cultural buildings owned by the town at 419, 421, and 423 Cartier Boulevard. The contract for the assessment was given to EXP Services $18,200, excluding sales tax. The town had allocated $50,000 for the building condition assessment in the 2022 budget. The roof replacement work at the town hall will be on hold until the results of the assessment are known. 

The cultural buildings were built in 1958 and the town hall was completed in 1972. According to a municipal report, one of the objectives of the building condition assessment is to see what repairs are required at all of the facilities or even determine if replacement is necessary. 

Official Interim CAO 

On May 9, Hawkesbury council approved a by-law designating Samuel Cardarelli as the interim Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the town.

Cardarelli, who has also served as the Town of Hawkesbury’s Director of Recreation and Tourism since February 2021, was designated Interim CAO by council after CAO Dominique Dussault went on medical leave on May 3. The by-law formally appointing Cardarelli as Interim CAO is retroactive to May 3. 

“Thank you to council for your confidence,” Cardarelli said after the by-law formalizing his appointment was approved. He said he plans to simply continue with municipal projects already in progress and keep them within budget. 

“Good luck to all,” remarked Mayor Paula Assaly. 

Anti-homophobia proclamation 

Montréal-based LGBTQ2S organization Fondation Emergence has requested Hawkesbury Town Council proclaim support for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia on May 17. However, on May 9, council unanimously decided to table the resolution.  

Councillor Raymond Campbell commented that more information on the subject was required. 

“The matter was tabled in order to obtain more information from the organization which was making the request,” said Mayor Paula Assaly, in a conversation with The Review on May 10. 

The Mayor said tabling the request will also give the municipal clerk the necessary time to do research into the request. 

“I do not think anyone was opposed to it, but the drafting needed a little help,” Assaly commented.