Taxpayers in La Nation paid their mayor and council a total of $170,514.61 in 2021.  

Mayor François St-Amour received the greatest remuneration at $51,875.14. That total is composed of a base salary of $51,765.32 and a convention expense of $109.32. However, St-Amour was also paid $38,831 for his role as La Nation’s representative on United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) council. The UCPR and La Nation amounts combined bring St-Amour’s total remuneration as a municipal government leader in 2021 to $90,706.14. 

Ward 1 Councillor Marie-Noëlle Lanthier received the highest remuneration among La Nation’s four councillors in 2021. Lanthier was paid the base salary of $28,678.17, $315 for mileage, and $3,281.62 for convention registration, bringing her total municipal remuneration for the year to $32,275.49.  

Ward 2 Councillor Alain Mainville, Ward 3 Councillor Danik Forgues, and Ward 4 Councillor Francis Brière all received the same amount for their service in 2021. Each councillor was paid the base salary of $28,678.17 each and $109.82 each for convention registration expenses. When these amounts are added together, each of the three La Nation councillors was paid $28,787.99 in 2021. 

Remuneration costs for La Nation council will increase in 2023. Due to an Ontario Land Tribunal ruling in 2021, two new wards will be added, beginning with the municipal election on October 24, 2022. One councillor will be elected to represent each of the new wards, resulting in additional remuneration expenses.