To the Editor:

I think I am the only one checking this site

I go on this site monthly. On April 20, the last day to send a comment, I visited the site. I had no choice but to send the following: Project 22-054

To: Director under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007, Ministry of Long-Term Care

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that  I disagree with the moving to Orléans of the Champlain LTC Residence, presently situated in L’Orignal.

Here are my reasons.

1- According to the demographic projections of the Min. of Finance of Ontario, the population of PR (Prescott-Russell) that is 65+ will increase by 80% by 2046.

2- Only 2 LTCHs in PR, have accepted, as of now, to go ahead and add/built new beds. (Centre d’Accueil Roger Seguin and Résidence Prescott-Russell for a total of 100 new beds)

3- Seven LTCHs are based in PR, and all but one, are currently of Class C. This means, that after 2025, some four homes may not be able to offer their services. The moving to Orléans of a 60 bed LTCH would mathematically only add 40 beds to serve the rapidly aging population of Prescott-Russell. This is not in accordance to the public interest of the citizens of PR.

4- There is plenty of empty land in the L’Orignal Region to build a new LTCH.

5- According to the new “Fixing Long Term Care Act”, the Minister shall determine whether or not there should be a long-term care home in an area, and how many long-term care home beds there should be in an area, by considering what is in the public interest, having taken into account: the long-term care home bed capacity that exists,  the other facilities or services that are available and  the current and predictable continuing demand for long-term care home beds.

Reading the above duty of the minister, I would like to say that the actual capacity of LTC beds in PR is insufficient, that the facilities presently existing may not be after 2025 and that the demographic projections are showing a continuing and strong demand for LTC beds.

To conclude, adding over 30,000 new LTC beds in Ontario to the already existing 78,000, was essential and in the common interest. This is an increase of about 38% in the number of LTC beds. I think that the population of  the United Counties of PR deserve a 38% increase in LTC beds available.


Diane Borris,