Champlain Township Council met on Thursday, April 14, and a series of decisions were made on projects, development, alcohol policy, and personnel matters.   

Garage contract awarded 

A contract has been awarded by Champlain Township for the construction of a new municipal garage in L’Orignal, but the cost of the project is higher than originally budgeted. 

On April 14, council approved awarding the contract to Laetum Investments Limited at a cost of $99,000. In the 2021 township budget, $30,000 had been allocated for the project, and $78,000 was allocated in the 2022 budget. The project went to tender in February of this year

A materials shortage related to the pandemic has severely affected the construction industry and has resulted in cost increases. Laetum’s tender bid was 27 per cent, or $21,000, more than the budgeted amount. Maylan Group Incorporated made a bid of $118,000, which was $40,000, or 51 per cent, more than the budgeted amount. A $165,000 bid from Premium Construction was $87,000, or 110 per cent, more than the amount in the budget. 

Council agreed to a recommendation from Director of Parks and Recreation Lisa Burroughs to grant the contract to Laetum and add $30,000 to the project budget from the Parks and Recreation Reserve fund. 

Subdivision agreement 

Champlain council approved a by-law that will allow phases 3B, four, and five of the Place La Seigneurie Subdivision in L’Orignal to proceed.

According to Consulting Planner Marc Rivet, the plan of subdivision clearly defines which services will be installed. A cost estimate for phases 3B and four was provided by 3027449 Canada Inc., the developer of the subdivision.

The estimated cost for installing watermains, fire hydrants, culverts, ditches, grass seeding, gravel, asphalt, utility trenches, lighting, and traffic signage is $291,600. Watermain installation work is already underway at the site. 

Booze in the bleachers 

Arena spectators and event attendees on the rink surface at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre can now enjoy a beer or other alcohol beverages in those areas of the building.

On March 16, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) approved the extension of Champlain Township’s liquor licence to include the bleachers and rink area. In response to the changes approved by the AGCO, council has approved corresponding changes to the municipal alcohol policy. 

Councillor Peter Barton asked how the changes would affect alcohol use in outdoor park areas. Director of Parks and Recreation Lisa Burroughs said individuals or organizations using Mill Street Park in Vankleek Hill, or L’Orignal Park, would still be required to obtain Special Occasion Permits if alcohol was to be available outdoors during events at those locations. 

Deputy Clerk hired 

Karla Barton is now officially the Deputy Clerk of Champlain Township.

Council confirmed the hiring of Barton on April 14. Prior to her appointment as Deputy Clerk, Barton had served for 10 years as the Administrative Assistant for the Department of Public Works and had been fulfilling the role of Deputy Clerk on an interim basis.