The City of Lachute has settled a legal dispute that began in 2016 between accounting firm Amyot Gélinas, the municipal government, the Régie Intermunicipale Argenteuil Deux-Montagnes (RIADM) recycling collection agency, and former Lachute Mayor Carl Péloquin.   

Amyot Gélinas sued the City of Lachute, the RIADM and Péloquin for damages due to resolutions adopted by council in 2015 and 2016 and for the media dissemination of their content – through a press release issued on December 9, 2015.  

The agreement settling the dispute was reached amicably during a settlement conference chaired by Quebec Superior Court Justice Danielle Mayrand on March 24, 2022. The parties have agreed to keep the terms of their agreement confidential and to limit their comments to the terms of this press release, wishing to definitively close this matter. 

Lachute Council ratified the agreement when it met on April 4.   

“We had an amiable conference on March 24,” remarked Mayor Bernard Bigras-Denis at the council meeting. 

“We accept all of the terms,” he added. 

Amyot Gélinas defended itself against these documents which affected the reputation of the firm. The City of Lachute and the RIADM have agreed to not follow up on the resolutions that targeted Amyot Gélinas and that they do not intend to do any other follow-up with the organizations mentioned in the resolutions, unless they are specifically addressed by these organizations.  

Considering that they are not currently aware of any fact that would justify excluding the firm Amyot Gélinas, the City of Lachute and the RIADM wish to specify that the bond of trust has been restored with this firm, which will no longer be prevented from offering its services and bidding on tenders with the agency and city.   

Lachute Council and the RIADM board have undertaken to adopt resolutions to modify previous resolutions to remove any reference to the firm Amyot Gélinas and it was agreed that the press release dated December 9, 2015, of the City of Lachute be retracted by the City of Lachute with respect to Amyot Gélinas as if it had never been issued.  

The previous resolutions were modified by council on April 4 in accordance with the agreement.