To the Editor:

Ottawa residents held hostage, Canadian economy held hostage, and more issues that have put to shame our types of governments – be they municipal, provincial or federal. Where is Ottawa in all of this?

The group movement is asking for freedom(s). Our governments are indirectly supporting the suspension or removal of many of our well-established basic freedoms at this point in time. Politicians and expensive federal legal advisers and consultants keep saying you can’t do this; you can’t do that.

But think about this. A 21-year-old Ottawa woman felt that downtown Ottawa residents – particularly elders – finally had enough of the 24-hour-a-day horn-blowing in downtown Ottawa. To put an end to the disruption of sleep, nerves and fear of going outside for errands, she set out to and was successful in getting a 10-day injunction for noise restriction. No lawyer(s), no city council support, no MP’s, no political party support –  just a concerned 21-year-old. Congratulations and a thousand thank yous!

Government legal minds, and supposed expert political gurus, all felt it could not be done. However this brave young lady – instead of searching and accepting all kinds of excuses, legal terms etc. to not undertake an injunction process – got it done. Our politicians apparently still fear trying to get things done – just in case. The worse that could have happened with the injunction is that it could have been refused, but it was not. Is it not also time to see some constructive activities with the convoy/blockages organizers? Remaining headstrong but stuck in a standstill gets us exactly what?

Politicians, law enforcement and others all say the same thing several times a day: “This has got to stop. It is illegal, harmful.” Then they move on to tomorrow,  and repeat the same old, same old.

Politicians, police officers etc., come out of hibernation – it is time to go to work! No need to concede to all demands, or to cancel any and all mandates, but at least show some progress and effort in dialogue from both sides. It may no longer be possible, as the movement is too strong with their numbers growing daily – perhaps even hourly. Maybe we all knew, but did not realize how weak Canada’s democratic structure has become. Now it is public info for all the world to see. Oh well…

Both sides are holding on by being tough, stubborn –  to be seen as the winner. Wake up. There will not be a winner. But there will be losers, especially the tax-paying, law-abiding citizens, who will end up footing the bill for all this, plus more price increases, inflation, legal gouging etc.

Richard Charest, Vankleek Hill