Dear Editor:

We are all in this battle together. The enemy is the COVID-19 virus here at home and globally.

Each of the world’s countries and Canada’s provinces has a team that is working to beat the virus among its citizens. Our team has scientists, government officials, medical and health care workers, teachers, essential and infrastructure workers, including truck drivers and all other citizens. Hooray for our team! Here is appreciation for all your efforts and sacrifices for our common good. Thank-you!

We are all in this together. We are all tired of the battle with COVID-19 – yet the virus is smart and changes quickly. When we consider the number of people who have died, and who have been disabled by the virus, our team has lost the first three innings to the virus. This is hard to take! Yet, we are now in the 4th inning of a nine-inning battle and we all need to work together to win this one.

The scientists and the government have determined that vaccines and vaccine mandates are the best strategy to win this inning. Those who choose not to follow the mandate that has been set by our scouts and our coaches, need to sit out this inning on the bench and not fight against nor disrespect fellow team members

The enemy is the virus – we are in this battle together.

Those team members who politicize our common social struggle against the virus, should follow a democratic path with respect for our charter of values.

There are many here among us who have been abused or not been well represented by government for generations.

As a team we can work together for better representation, better government and electoral reform. We have inherited a system that is not working. There are alternatives, such as proportional representation. The people who have brought trucks to Ottawa to protest should go home and work locally for reform through a democratic process.

Globally each nation has teams that are battling, with different strategies, our common enemy – the virus. We all will beat the common enemy if we stay together until the last inning.

I encourage everyone to hang together by following public health guidelines, getting vaccinated and being respectful of each other.

When this virus is beaten we have other global battles, such as saving ourselves and other species from the effects of climate change. We will need to be a team!

Richard Kerr

Dalkeith, Ontario