The Hawkesbury Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is reminding motorists to slow down and adjust their driving habits to compensate for winter road and weather conditions, after responding to multiple accidents so far in 2022.

Between, January 1 and 20 of this year, officers from the Hawkesbury Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to 39 motor vehicle collisions, including:

Motor Vehicle Collisions with animals – 5

Motor Vehicle Collisions with other motor vehicle – 13

Motor Vehicle Collisions – single motor vehicle losing control – 21

The Hawkesbury OPP would like to remind motorists to plan ahead and prepare themselves for winter driving. The following tips may assist drivers in getting to their destination safely:

·        Equip your vehicle with winter tires. Tests have proven that snow tires provide better traction, control and reduced stopping distances on snow and ice covered roads;

·        Have your vehicle fully serviced to avoid unnecessary breakdowns and ensure that your heater/defroster, lights and wiper blades are all functioning properly;

·        Ensure the vehicles windows are clear of frost, ice and snow before heading out;

·        Ensure your windshield washer fluid is topped up and functioning properly and carry spare fluid in your vehicle;

·        Have an ice scraper and snow brush in your vehicle to clear ice and snow from all windows, mirrors, lights and the roof of your vehicle;

·        Ensure your fuel tank is kept above half full so you don’t run out of gas if stranded;

·        Have emergency supplies with you, including a charged cellphone. Consider purchasing an emergency kit for your vehicle; and

·        Most importantly, slow down, give yourself extra space between you and other vehicles, and avoid unnecessary distractions.

For more information, you can visit driving. For road conditions visit or dial 511 on your cell phone (Hands free).