To the Editor,

There is a huge growing hole in the parking area between Vankleek Hill Foodland and Tim Horton’s. This needs to be addressed for safety reasons as well as customer respect. The hole is several feet in length and width and quite deep. Bringing this to the businesses’ attention has been frustrating. The message received was: It’s not us, but the other guy. Surely repairing this pothole is someone’s responsibility.

My complaint to one corporate head office resulted in nothing. Two emails, 1) opened a file, 2) closed the file. No explanation, no other information. I visited the store again with little result.

This shows lack of respect for customers’ safety, or potential damage to a customer’s vehicle. Once again, corporate behavior exposed, while helpful staff no doubt listen to lots of complaints.

Will the hole ever be addressed and filled in???

Richard Charest, Vankleek Hill