Martin Tire Shop on Highway 34 in Vankleek Hill has reopened for gasoline customers, and the site will soon be seeing some big changes.

The former repair shop will transform into a convenience store and car wash over the next few months. The store will also offer ready-to-prepare food items.

“Everybody is very happy to see us open,” said Iftikhar Ahmad, the owner of the property.

Ahmad, who has owned gasoline outlets across the Canada, has also purchased the former Ultramar station in Hawkesbury near the Long Sault Bridge. That outlet is also being transformed into a convenience store.

The existing building on the Martin Tire Shop site will be modified to include the convenience store.

“The downstairs will have a nice renovation, with a new floor, new tiles, and a coffee section,” Ahmad said.

Martin Tire Shop had been closed since March of 2020 when longtime owner Denis Martin made the decision to retire.