To the Editor:

We are into the 20th month of this disastrous virus , which has had not only the negative impacts on physical life and death, but now we find that our social structures have been dramatically altered if not destroyed.

Our mental health and stability has been hit pretty bad in the last 20 or so months. Our economic system has been affected and in turn negatively impacts the average citizen. During these last months we have seen the ugly side of our capitalist system roots gain strength through it’s own virus’s greed and gouging. They believe, and are accomplishing, in taking all we can, as there are all kinds of excuses we can create and pass onto the gullible public saying ‘pandemic’.

What can we do to get back to normal??? Not much, as it is not normal times. We cannot force individuals to get protected themselves and avoid possible spreading of a virus to others – particularly the innocent vulnerable elders and children – to certain degrees, from being infected. We cannot have any true impact on our capitalist system either. We cannot properly socialize as in years past etc, etc. Pre-pandemic activities and socializing seem almost a lifetime ago.

Excuses due to the pandemic are now worn out. The latest one “it’s a human error.” No sorry or apology, just blurt out “it’s a human error” with a so-what attitude.

The world and our lives may never be the same. Now we are witnessing the planet going through some changes through disastrous happenings in flooding, fires, mudslides etc. Is this just replay or repeat of our planet’s history from centuries ago?

As humans we have a hard time facing realities at times. Is this another wake-up call from nature to make us face reality ? Who knows???

What is scary is that this may all together start making some sort of sense. Maybe not sanity as we choose to measure it, but some semblance of sense.

I won’t loose sleep over this as I cannot positively or negatively impact any of it; that is history in the
making. A few decades from now maybe a new form of sanity or thought process will figure it out.

Richard Charest, Vankleek Hill