To the Editor,

In response to any and all who found my words disingenuous, that was not intentional. I merely wished to put perspective on moral grounds for not wishing state-forced injections. Anachronistic might describe my words better: from a time when a person who treated wounds, or flew a plane, or farmed the land, was not an enemy solely because of ethical status. Not that long ago in chronological time, but it seems like eons.

I make no attempt to encourage or discourage the use of vaccines. As for science, it is as useless as a book until given light by human mind. It is a tool always in need of improvement.

It occurs to me that disease can affect society as well as individuals, and in much the same way. Science can do wonders to cure human malaise. I am not so certain that it can do the same for civilization. In my opinion, society becomes gravely ill when hate and discord take root among members and the blame for all strife and woes are laid upon a minority.

The illness grows as the host weakens by division. It gains with negativity and the desire to punish and persecute. Society gets weaker as it is eaten from within itself. Feeding its own demise with its life force.

For me, the solution is as simple as to stop fighting; for there can be no winner. Each act as she/he feels correct with conscience and accept or avoid using the same metric. Who cares if the person giving that life-saving blood transfusion would not accept the same. Or if the waiter serving the steak is a vegan who would sooner eat the plate. Each one comfortable in their own position and moral stance although holding their place in the bigger picture.

I believe it was once known as diversity and hailed as a strength.

Gordon Fraser


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