To The Editor,

After COP26 in Glascow, Scotland, it has become abundantly clear that our world leaders are still avoiding taking our Earth’s climate crisis as seriously as they should. As Greta Thunberg commented after it was over: “Two weeks of business as usual, blah, blah, blah!”.

Although Greta continues to hold out hope that this world-wide crisis can still be averted if drastic action is immediately taken, I – as an elder nearing retirement age – have witnessed several decades of dismissal, indifference, and complacency towards the wanton destruction of our planet’s environment by the world’s industries and the political leaders who continue to pander to them.

We needed emergency measures taken to head this disaster off 30 years ago, not 30 years from now! For those of us who care to take a hard look at the scientific facts that tell of the dire and worsening state of our planet’s ecology, because of years of destructive human activities, its a daunting task to keep a positive outlook.

There are controlling forces in this world, who have a vested interest in perpetuating humanity’s sad state of affairs, because it profits them to do so. Whether it be the infamous Rothchilds [AKA “The Red Shields”] who run the world’s banking system, the I.G.Farben international cartels, world corporations, weapons manufacturers, and, the one per cent wealthy, who need to maintain their lifestyles of obscene, insulating opulence, condemning the rest of humanity to go to hell in a handcart.

However, the most innocent victims in this march to oblivion are the countless, innocent creatures of this planet. The selfish exploitation of the earth’s resources has precipitated the sixth mass extinction event in the history of the earth.  The trouble is that it seems everything we do, or make, and the ways in which we live, is toxic to the environment. But I find that the impending end of our civilization is not the saddest fact to be faced, it is the enormous loss of natural life, taking place each and every day now, which is the most tragic aspect of this disaster.

Perhaps Russell Brand is right in saying that humanity needs a revolution, but I am of the opinion that humanity is so indoctrinated and controlled by those who run the world, that only a divine intervention – perhaps coupled with the help of benevolent extraterrestrials – will prevent us from obliterating ourselves, and the planet along with us.

Sarah Martin