“All art should inspire and evoke emotion. Art should be something you can actually feel.” –Tim Yanke

Christmas is the time of the year when generosity and joy fill the air and our lives. It is the time to reminisce, to share and to reach out. Arts are intimately weaved into the fabric of our lives, even if we do not always realise it. To creators and collectors alike, it is remarkable to observe how some particular pieces will jump at us and move us to the core.

Coup de Coeur

Without a doubt, art is purchased, or gifted, from the heart. This is the premise for the Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre Holiday Community show: inviting the community to share and display one of their own coups de Coeur.

“We would love for people from the community to think of one piece of art that they really love, and tell us why,” says Susie Fairbrother, who is on the Board of the gallery and who initiated the idea. “It could be anything, really. Painting or sculpture, textile, book or other. They could write up why they cherish it and we could display the piece and its story for a show.”

“Many of us have had a coup de coeur for a piece by a local artist or artisan,” adds Sylvie Bouchard, also on the Board of the gallery and part of the project. “Sharing something from a local artist would also help feature our wonderful talented artists and artisans.”

“Old or new is fine, but we need the story behind it, the heartwarming narrative to evoke emotions in the visitors.”

None of the art will be for sale during the show. Everything will be displayed with the sole purpose of sharing; like a heartwarming community secret.

Everyone can enter the show

Anyone interested in sharing their Coup de Coeur is welcome. A Coup de Coeur can be a piece of art (picture, book, textile art, clothing, doll, painting, pottery or other), that brings joy into your life. Remember that no art will be sold during this show.

People who wish to enter a piece must send an email with a .jpeg, accompanied by a short text explaining why it is a Coup de Coeur. Each piece will be displayed with its narrative and their owner’s name.

Win a gift basket for Christmas
Everyone registering for the show will see their name entered for a draw on the last day of the show, December 18. They can win a beautiful gift-basket from Vankleek Cottage, Gardenpath Homemade Soap or The Review, to name but a few. More to be confirmed.

How to enter

  • The Arbor Gallery “Coup de Coeur” Community Show will run from November 25 to December 18.
  • Draw for gift-baskets will be on Saturday December 18.
  • Last day to submit a Coup de Coeur: Friday, November 19.
  • To submit a piece and its story: [email protected]
  • Monday November 22 – artwork drop-off / Sunday December 19 – artwork retrieval.

The Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre welcomes visitors Wednesday to Sunday – noon to 4 p.m. During November and December the gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. For info, to register for a workshop or to become a member or a Friend of the Gallery, reach out to [email protected] .

Following Ontario’s Provincial Health recommendations, the Arbor Gallery requires visitors to provide proof of vaccination.. COVID-19 measures remain in place.