Residents of the Town of Hawkesbury, the Township of East Hawkesbury and Champlain Township can bring household hazardous waste items to a special collection point on Saturday, October 2, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Note that residents must show proof of residence.

COVID-19 regulations include the following: all persons must wear a mask, hazardous products are not to be inside the vehicle but in the trunk or truck bed and social distancing rules must be followed if you have to leave your vehicle.

The drop-off point will be at 815 Main Street East in Hawkesbury (the Hawkesbury Sewage Treatment Plant).

Accepted products include pesticides and garden products, miscellaneous products such as air fresheners, dry cell batteries, disposable butane lighters and cylinders, gas cylinders, fluorescent light tubes, energy-efficient light bulbs, photographic chemicals, lighter fluids, propane canisters, swimming pool chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

Personal care products such as nail polish remover and unused over-the-counter and prescription drugs are also accepted.

Automotive and garage products, paints, solvents and glue products and household cleaning products, including ammonia-based products, chlorine bleach, disinfectants and drain decloggers are accepted.

No PCBS, commercial, industrial, radioactive, explosive or medical waste, unknown waste or tires will be accepted.

A full list of acceptable items is listed in the notice below. For more information call your municipal office.