New and improved services?

We seem to feel as if we are overloaded with new and improved services being pushed almost everywhere, yet some supposed improvements are debatable.

I feel that many of the upgraded(???) services are not as beneficial to the consumer as to the merchant,  franchisee etc. Some supposed upgrades are to some extent insulting to the customer. Add to this, the treatment that you receive (at least I did) from a manager who told that I should get with it. This is the way things are and will continue to change.

The call numbers for services have got to be the worst. But maybe it is due to the top management implementing policies whih care about the increase to the bottom line and very little else.

COVID has created and infiltrated an over-used excuse into our society for many things and shortcomings. Slow services, be it in stores call centers etc., and the major imposition of “You need our app” , “get the app” are not all advantageous to the customer. The major business’s and their franchisees get the real benefit – often allowing for staff reductions and/or very poor training. Also the phone companies, both hardware and services, get all these extra sales people pushing consumers to upgrade their phones to be compatible to download apps.

Then you have the franchise manager –  not the owner-investor – who wants to impress the boss by reducing costs. How do they do that? Reduce payroll costs. Lay off staff and apply more pressure on the remaining employees, who now may fear also being laid off (dropped).
Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, where will businesses look to find new excuses? Do not worry – they are planning for this now, with tactics ready to launch.

Remember they are creative and we are gullible.

Richard Charest

Vankleek Hill


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