Dr. Paul Roumetiolis (Head of EOHU and President of Association of Local Public Health Agencies) stated that a vaccine passport is inevitable in Ontario and should come in next 10 days. If not he will consider issuing one for EOHU.

He rationalizes this with the increases in businesses etc. that will be requesting proof of two doses soon to allow entry.

Pressure is mounting on the Ontario Government to get this done. An article in a city paper states that some government officials also believe it is inevitable.

Why is our leader, Ford, being so resistant (stubborn) to allowing an Ontario Vaccination Passport? His latest statements and release is a total no. No room for any discussion whatsoever.

With the amount of associations, business groups and high position medical professionals demanding the vaccine passport, is Ford simply not interested in listening to the population? Is he so qualified that Health Care leaders can be ignored as well as industries, businesses, associations etc., that he believes he is superior to all of these?

There is still some time for him to approve the passport and save face to some extent. If not, Ontario may end up with several regional passports, or again the Ministry of Health, Economy and possibly tourism may get it done, as they also see the necessity – as stated by Dr. Roumeliotis, who is considering an
Eastern Ontario Vaccine Passport.

I want a passport, be it Eastern Ontario (District) or provincial.

Richard Charest