The Hammond Golf and Country Club and Broken Stick Brewing Company (BSBC) in Hammond are welcoming a new member to the family.

An eco-friendly wilderness resort initially featuring 15 campsites, several cabins, yurts, and trail systems, Hammond Hill is nestled in 62 acres of mature woodland beside the Hammond Golf and Country Club. The new eco-resort and campground – said to be the first new campsite in Ontario in 10 years – will also feature common amenities such as a kids’ playground, soccer pitch, beach volleyball, beer garden, outdoor games, and much more.

Hammond Hill, located at 861 Du Golf Road, is built off-grid, with water recollection measures, solar lighting, and compostable toilets. Over the coming years, plans are to expand the resort to more than 50 cabins and 30 campsites.

Hammond Hill officially opened on August 2, and features a 2,100-square-foot indoor sales centre, where guests can tour fully finished and furnished at scale models of the tiny cabins, and learn more about the project and how to book their next wilderness adventure.

“The vision behind Hammond Hill is to create an environmentally-sustainable retreat where families and friends can come together and experience and learn about nature in a different way,” said Brad Cartier, co-owner of the resort.

“This is a very unique project from a construction standpoint, as we are building in a new and environmentally-sustainable way,” explained Broken Stick Brewing Company owner Aaron Markel, who co-owns Hammond Hill and is also heading up the construction.

Since opening to family and friends on August 2, the two owners have received excellent feedback on the project and are looking forward to opening fully to the public for the 2022 season.

“We are excited to get people out to the site,” Cartier said. “We have all these amenities we’ve brought to the area and we want people to come and experience it.”

“We’ve committed to building this is a super eco-friendly way,” Markel emphasized. “That message to me is paramount – we’re not just saying it, we are actually living it.”

Anyone wishing to learn more about the project can visit the Hammond Hill website.