To The Editor,

With reference to Mrs. Meagher’s Letter to the Editor in the July 21 edition of The Review, and her question addressed to me.

My position with respect to the Colacem project is for how the economic benefits will impact upon the region. Yes, the industry is not a green  industry, however, I must rely upon those parameters as set out by the provincial authorities, the employment of “state of the art” technologies which have and continue to evolve. As expressed in my testimony at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) Hearings, should Colacem violate provincial environmental protocols the facility should be shutdown until such time until the offensive situation is rectified.

Again, the unfounded comparison of this facility to that of “Baie des Chaleurs” is ridiculous in that, I repeat myself, the Quebec government in its wisdom gave the McInnes facility a green light and it has come back to bite them in the butt.

It appears that Mrs. Meagher’s primary concern, as she has previously presented on earlier occasions, is the stack. Basically, it is her expressing Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) scenario.

Should the public response warrant the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks to review the presentations made at the LPAT Hearings and the Superior Court ruling of Action Champlain’s appeal, in the writer’s opinion, a reversal of the Ministry’s issuance of permits is extremely unlikely, thereby exposing the government to legal repercussions.

The concerns raised by area citizens have been heard. To repeat myself, the Colacem facility will be subjected to the most intense scrutiny by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks with a very large magnifying glass.

Jim Walsh,