Tenders are now being accepted for the construction of a new multi-functional community centre facility to be built in the centre of Brownsburg.

In June 2020, Brownsburg-Chatham council announced plans to go ahead with the Place du citoyen project, which will include a new community centre on vacant land adjacent to the existing Gilles Lupien Arena, which is being converted to an outdoor rink. The entire cost of the Place du citoyen project is estimated at $5.8 million.

When council met on July 6, 2021, it approved putting the multifunctional community centre portion of the project out for tender. Director General Jean-François Brunet explained that a point system and formula will be used to determine which submission is most acceptable.

Path project

The town of Brownsburg-Chatham is hoping to add new recreational paths to the Vieux-Verger neighbourhood, which is located off Route 327 between Brownsburg and Lachute.

Brunet said the plan is to add 2.5 to three kilometres of new recreational pathway. The cost of the project had not been determined as of the July 6 council meeting. Brunet said the town is hoping to receive provincial funding to build the paths.

Flasher on the corner

On July 6, Brownsburg-Chatham council approved the purchase of flashing signage to add at the intersection of chemin Sinclair near rue Lucerne. The cost of the flashing signage is $3,759.85.


What does $69,505.41 buy? It can buy a new luxury car, or pave part of a road to drive it on. On July 6, Brownsburg-Chatham council approved paving 403 metres of Montée Wert at a cost of $69,505.41.

Dam rejection

Brownsburg-Chatham council has rejected all of the submissions of tenders for rehabilitation work on the Lac Monaco Dam. Council made the decision when it met on July 6. According to Brunet, the Québec government wants further technical studies done before the work proceeds. Lac Monaco is a small lake surrounded by chalets, located near chemin Edina, west of Pine Hill.