To The Editor,

I read with interest in the flyer that Francis Drouin sent to my home recently and his comments about the missing (the proper word would be murdered) Indigenous children. All of us are ashamed to see these numbers, which will be going much higher, and there is lots of chatter about who is responsible for this and who should pay. We Canadians certainly bear some responsibility for this and have been and should continue to pay for this part of our history.

However the most guilty party for these murders is the Catholic Church and their leader will not even apologize. The easiest and fairest way to pay for this is for all government is to start taxing all churches who were involved in these murders and give the taxes to the Indigenous Canadians. If they cannot, or refuse to pay, sell the buildings and give it to the victims’ families. After 100 years of getting these funds the debt will be partially paid.

Do you think we have any government, elected people in our country with courage to do this ????????????????? I doubt it.

Joe Kelly, Hawkesbury