La Nation council has a lot to consider in future budgets when it comes to short-term and long-term repairs at the municipality’s four community centres.

On May 31, a report was presented to council on the Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) for the community centres in St-Isidore, St-Bernardin (Caledonia Community Centre), Fournier, and St-Albert. The report found that $12,952,794.40 in capital improvements are recommended between now and 2047. In the short-term period ending in 2025, $3,027,298 in capital improvements are recommended.

By 2047, $7,460,504.40 in upgrades are recommended at the St-Isidore Community Centre, at the St-Albert facility, $2,627,340 in upgrades are recommended, $1,815,286 in repairs are recommended at the Caledonia Community Centre, and $1,049,664 are recommended for the community centre in Fournier.

By 2025, $1,272,420 in repairs are needed at the St-Albert Community Centre, $837,000 in repairs at the St-Isidore facility, $605,998 in upgrades at the Caledonia hall, and $311,880 at the community centre in Fournier.

McIntosh Perry consultants performed the FCA inspections for La Nation.  According to consultant John Kirkpatrick, the findings are based on visual inspections of each premises. At the Caledonia Community Centre, roof repairs, foundation drainage, ventilation, and parking lot paving are the necessary upgrades identified in the FCA report.

Interior finishing, exterior siding, ventilation, and parking area paving are the identified upgrades at the Fournier Community Centre. The St. Albert Community Centre FCA report identifies the need for roof, drainage, and ventilation repairs. The FCA also found issues with the fire resistance rating of the floor and recommended fire sprinklers be installed at the facility.

For the St-Isidore Recreation Centre, the FCA recommended short-term improvements including exterior siding, fire protection repairs, and paving. A new refrigeration system was identified as a long-term need. The St-Isidore facility includes the only indoor rink in La Nation, along with a bowling alley.

Kirkpatrick told council the focus of the inspections was on upgrades that could affect the health and safety of facility users.

“Those are the things you want to address.”

Mayor François St-Amour said he was surprised by cost, but not that repairs were needed.

“There’s not much new stuff, but it confirms in my mind what we’ve seen throughout the years,” St-Amour said.

Kirkpatrick responded, “That happens a lot, especially if it’s your first time going through the process.”

Councillor Francis Brière noted all of the inspections were visual and questioned how accurate it could be because no machinery was turned on.

“You really don’t know the condition of those (machinery), so we could be worse off than what we’re actually seeing here.”

Kirkpatrick said the consultants do not usually do physical testing because it does not prove anything further and costs clients more.

“From this snapshot, you’ve kind of got a handle and where to take it,” he added.

“Now we just have to find some money,” said St-Amour.

“This is going to be used as a source for our asset management,” said Recreation Director Carol-Ann Scott.

The cost of the FCA study for 2021 is $150,000. In 2021, La Nation is spending $119,420 on capital repairs to community centres.

Council voted to receive the FCA report.