To The Editor,

I remember going to the dentist as a very young child, getting the toothbrush when I was done, asking the hygienist how all of the equipment worked. That, I would learn years later, was during the boom times for my parents’ restaurant. Later, things got tighter, and though my parents worked hard to make sure I never knew it, sacrifices had to be made. My parents were self-employed and didn’t have insurance. Going to the dentist for proactive care simply couldn’t be a priority.

As a young adult I lived with a lot of precarious employment, and going to the dentist was never an option during those years either. When I was around 26 years old, I finally got a job that offered dental insurance. My dentist chastised me for the state I had allowed my teeth to reach.

I was lucky; I know many who are afraid to smile, and have mental health concerns as a result. I know some who have major health crises due to an inability to see a dentist. In a country with the wealth of Canada, this is wrong.

Konstantine Malakos

Federal Candidate/ Candidat Fédéral