The former École Christ-Roi property in Hawkesbury has once again become surplus land.

On May 31, Hawkesbury Chief Administrative Officer updated town council on the status of the Main Street property. Dussault explained that declaring the land surplus yet again was a necessary administrative procedure.

In July 2020, a developer’s plan to build a retirement living complex on the site fell through when financing could not be secured.

“We have other developers interested,” Dussault told  town council.

She said the process of determining a buyer and developer for the needs to be as transparent as possible, which is why the land had to again be declared surplus by council.

“It is necessary to recommence the process totally.”

Mayor Paula Assaly wanted clarification on whether the surplus land includes the areas of the property that were divided into parts A, B, and C – which are the sections of the property the town is willing to sell.

Dussault said a decision on whether the Town of Hawkesbury will retain rights to the waterfront, or not, is still up for discussion

“This is all arbitrary at the moment,” she said.

Councillor Robert Lefebvre said the sale of the various sections could depend on the nature of a proposed development.

The Town of Hawkesbury took ownership of the former École Christ-Roi land after the school closed.  The building was demolished in 2017.  The town also spent approximately $400,000 to decontaminate the soil on the property.