In a freshly painted council chamber with the new municipal logo on the wall, Lachute town council met on May 26. Council granted approval for the Régie intermunicipale Argenteuil-Deux Montagnes (RIADM) to spend $3,964,255.22 and to borrow $2,500,000 for plans and specifications for the construction of a new composting platform at the landfill site. RIADM is the inter-municipal agency that oversees waste management and disposal services for Lachute, Brownsburg-Chatham, St-André-d’Argenteuil, and St-Placide.

Lachute Mayor Carl Péloquin, who serves as the Chair of RIADM, said all four member municipalities share the expenses and each council is approving the project.

The resolution approving the RIADM composting platform expenses was moved by Councillor Guylaine Desforges and seconded by Councillor Serge Lachance.

On May 26, Lachute council approved the introduction of a plan to spend up to $3.7 million to repair rue Georges, rue Evelina, and to repair a pipe near the intersection of rue Georges and avenue d’Argenteuil. Péloquin said the cost is based on the most recent estimates for the work. The notice of motion to introduce the project was proposed by Councillor Alain Lanoue. The project proposal was moved by Councillor Patrick Cadieux.