An Open Letter to Dr. Roumeliotis,

We hope that you are doing well.

Many in our community still cannot understand your silence on this cement plant project and eventual massive increase of the quarrying activities to supply the same.

When we met you at your office, now five years ago, you mentioned that you had some expertise in this subject matter. We were obviously very relieved of this statement, thinking that we could get your support to speak against this project vehemently opposed by a huge segment (very likely a strong majority) of the township’s population and for which there is no real need.

When we met you, scientific literature was emerging with respect to health problems as a consequence of exposure to micro particulate emissions. Further studies, of which I am sure you are aware, have been published since then and clearly state the gravity of such exposure to this type of dust that is often invisible to the eye but a real and dangerous human health risk… with environmental consequences as well.

As a respected human health representative for our region, it should be the right thing to do for you to publicly condemn this project. The Champlain Township community, and more particularly that of L’Orignal and its surrounding area, is already affected by very visible dust carried by winds, trucks and activities from the existing quarry as well as pollutants and nuisances from both the IVACO steel mill and the existing quarry operation. Adding a third heavy industry in our area is completely irresponsible.

From the LPAT proceedings, it was clear that there would be a significant increase in quarrying activity … from five to ten times more than what they have quarried in the past five years … that will, as I am sure you would agree, create an immense increase in dust and micro particles in our area… which will go into our lungs… not counting the cement plant and its activities.

A significant portion of our population has been overly burdened with worry and stress over the consequences of this project first proposed ten years ago, which will certainly cause health problems for many in the long term…including myself (and it already has).

If this project becomes a reality, after all that we have done and will continue to do, the surrounding population will obviously suffer an even far greater burden, causing more long-term health issues.

This is surely a public health concern and it should be conveyed to higher government instances by you and the EOHU.

If you need links to research documents on particulate emissions and the dangers to human health and the environment, please let me know…although I am sure you are already very familiar with this subject.


Michael Santella

For Action Champlain