An article in the newspaper entitled: “Contractors confused by Ontario’s pandemic restrictions”, published in the CBC News, addresses the fact that a better definition of what are essential services and those that are not is needed. It appears that there is a lot of confusion in the interpretation of what is essential and what is not even after contacting the ministry. As quoted, home renovations and landscaping are considered essential work as per provincial guidelines. If that is so, you can have your lawn cut but not your hair! Has anyone considered which one has the biggest impact on your mental health?

Unless I missed reading some facts, there were only one or two nail salons in Kingston that were the source of COVID – 19 cases. I personally never heard of any other personal care businesses such as hair dressers as being a source of spreading the virus. My own experience was that all regulations were followed and I felt safe.

We have been confined at different degrees for over a year and advised to “stay at home” and most people abide by that, however, when decisions will be taken for what happens after this last confinement period ending May 20th, there should be an overall evaluation or a holistic approach of what the population needs to address the physical, emotional and mental well-being of all.

Danielle Martin
Vankleek Hill